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EI enameled flat copper wire

EI enameled flat copper wire

This product is made after being processed with Polyester Imide coating with finished product of bare copper wire. It has the capability to resist 200℃ temperature and is suitable for all kinds of heat-resistant electric appliances, transformers, round wires ad flat copper wires of motors. It is highly credited for its life-span under high heat. This product is UL certified and meets perfectly with NEMA MW74C standard. It is also highly credited with operability and reeling characteristics.

Product characteristics:

It has an excellent performance in high-temperature resistance, heated impact-resistance, coolant-resistance, chemicals-resistance, grinding-resistance, damaging voltage-resistance, etc. It meets NEMA MW74C, IEC317, IEC851, JCS334A, JISC3003, JiS3104, and CNS8938 or standards specified by customers and ROHS environmental protection regulations.

Product specifications:

Round wire diameter 20mm-6.5mm
Flat wire thickness 0.15mm-5.0mm
Width: 1.0mm-14mm
Note: For the existing product specifications, please refer to the dimension specification table; the aspect ratio is about 1:12, the thinner the thickness, the smaller the aspect ratio.

EI wire specifications

Download: EI flat copper wire specifications

Product applications:

Small-size oil-immersed transformer, dry transformer, cast molded transformer, reactor, motors in big and small sizes, mini motor, generator


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